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Welcome to Essential Self, a service providing wellbeing coaching for people living with IBS

Control Your Stress

Hi, my name is Emma and I’m an IBS nurse specialist and holistic wellbeing coach. I set up this service primarily because I have come across lots of people who have asked for help with their IBS, and their health professional simply hasn’t had the time to support them properly. I wanted to rectify this situation and provide something for people suffering with IBS where they could take their time to work things out, understand their options for care, learn how to manage their symptoms and boost their mental health

Because of the individual nature of IBS, there is no single stand-alone treatment, with a variety of approaches being used, including: education, diet, medication, support, behavioural approaches and alternative medications. Navigating through all of these aspects can be confusing and can leave people in a tangle which then further impacts on mood. It isn’t unusual to find that people with IBS end up in a vicious cycle where they are desperately trying to manage, but it feels like things are slipping away. This further increases their stress and ultimately exacerbates symptoms.

Build Your Inner Strength
Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

The coaching I offer is for individuals experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of IBS and covers 4 areas:

IBS coaching can be delivered in 3 different ways:

1-hour Pay-As-You Go

Single hourly sessions in-person, via telephone or via Zoom. You can have as many or as little of these as you need. £25 per session.

2-hour Booster Session

A single, one-off session which helps you get to the bottom of specific difficulties. £40 per session.

6 x 1-hour Maximise your health package

6 sessions which cover all aspects of any difficulties you might be facing. £130 bundle

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